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Students weigh in on uses for the former Bob Evans property

By Rachel Ungerleider, Reporter

Former Bob Evans property at Shenandoah University

The property that was once Bob Evans sits vacant beside Shenandoah University’s main campus in Winchester.

While Shenandoah University debates what to do with the site of the former Bob Evans restaurant, students have a few ideas of their own.

Last year, the national chain of Bob Evans shut down 27 restaurants across 18 states, including the Bob Evans just outside of campus. The University bought the lot for $1,045,000 early this year, but the future use of the property is still up for debate.

Some students here at Shenandoah say that the Bob Evans should be made into a new campus eatery.

“They need to make more food options in order for us to have more variety,” Maggie Simmons, 19, a nursing major said. “However, [Shenandoah] needs to keep the parking spots that come with the building, parking is an issue.”  

With only three food options on campus, food choices can become repetitive. Adding more food on campus would allow for more variety.

Others said that the lot should be used for parking permanently, since there has been a sizable increase in the number of students enrolled at SU in recent years.

“As a commuter, it is hard for me to find parking here on campus,” Jessica Picone, 23, mass communications major said. “An increase of parking would make traveling to and from campus much easier.”

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  1. Child care center needs to be moved to main campus and this is the perfect spot and building! The current center is next to a nursery with lots of chemicals and a busy Sheets…Having the center on campus will offer students opportunities to work and study there and parents easy access. This is a no brainier.


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