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Horoscopes: Week of Oct. 17

By Cecilia Leavitt, Reporter

Horoscopes | The Buzz

Aries: High risk comes with high reward for you this week, but very important decisions concerning your work and goals are coming your way. Look into the details of whatever opportunity comes up.

Taurus: Someone’s touchy this week! Take a step back, Taurus, you don’t need to stretch yourself so thin. Slow down and don’t get so caught up in the details. Also, keep an eye out for a big change in one of your relationshipsthings are about to get pretty spicy.

Gemini: Quick to borrow can be slow to pay! The project or thing you want so badly can wait, but don’t put yourself into debt because you can’t wait a week. Research your options some more and look at all of the details, and you’ll have an awesome weekend.

Cancer: Someone needs to be more flexible! Stop rushing things, and focus on who you’re talking with. Forcing it will only make things harder for you, so sit back, relax, and maybe join a yoga class.

Leo: Ooo la la! A romance is budding for you. Although, on a work related note, if you’re thinking about asking for that raise or time off, wait till next week—the outcome looks better.

Virgo: It’s time to relinquish control, Virgo. There’s a good chance your plans will change unexpectedly, so keep your options open. Also, watch your bank account—you could see a sweet spike in your cash flow.

Libra: Aren’t you a positive Polly? You have an awesome outlook this week, Libra. You have a lot of cool plans and projects coming your way, and you’ll be the talk of the town. Also, a new romance is about to enter your life, so be ready!

Scorpio: Have you been bored? Not anymore! A group of people will set you on to a new spiritual and intellectual path, so get yourself out there, Scorpio!

Sagittarius: Someone’s feeling romantic! It’s the perfect week to take your someone-special out on the town. Don’t let your work dominate your week, or you will likely miss out on another, possibly lovely, opportunity.

Capricorn: You’re a showstopper this week. And that course of action you’ve been thinking about? Take it! Opportunities are coming your way, so push for it and you’ll be successful.

Aquarius: Time to get out of that comfort zone, Aquarius. You’re going to team up with someone, or take a trip that will be different from what you’re used to—but in a good way. These opportunities will be challenging but fun, so get ready.

Pisces: Don’t waste your potential—things that seem time-consuming probably aren’t worth your attention. You need to be flexible maybe join that yoga class with Cancer!

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