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Upcoming Event: Donate Used Shoes to “Next Steps”

Two World Literature classes, taught by English Department Chair and Associate Professor of World Literatures, Michelle Brown, Ph.D., are inviting all Shenandoah community members, regardless of political affiliations or reactions to the election results, to participate in an all-day “Next Steps” service project on campus this Wednesday, Nov. 16. The project aims to value all campus voices and perspectives, and to provide a way for all campus members to unite in taking “next steps” forward to benefit the community.

Photo by Michelle Brown

(Photo courtesy of Michelle Brown, Ph.D.)

From 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Wednesday, World Literature students will collect used shoes and place them in a line of footsteps stretching from the Quad entrance to Henkel Hall toward President Tracy Fitzsimmons’ office. Brown’s students will have markers and paper for each participant to write down one step that he or she might take next, now that the election is over. Participants will then be able to roll up their written “next steps” and place them in the shoes. The World Literature classes will collect and donate the used shoes to Soles4Soles, a non-profit organization that distributes and recycles shoes to end poverty in all 50 states and globally.

“Next Steps” participants are welcome to donate shoes without writing notes, write notes without donating shoes, or to both donate shoes and write notes.

The line of notes in shoes will create a visual symbol of the campus community’s collective “next steps” forward, and of directing our shared energies toward our president’s office.

It is Brown and her students’ goal that inviting shared discussion and donations to combat poverty as “Next Steps” ultimately will unite our community through a shared endeavor of inclusion and healing. Winding our next steps toward Tracy’s office also reminds us all that this campus is inclusive and tolerant, and that we believe a woman can lead.

With questions or for more information, contact Michelle Brown, Ph.D., at


This synopsis was written by Michelle Brown, Ph.D.

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