Student-musician releases newest album on campus radio show

By Damon Mackin, Photographer

Sophomore music production and recording technology (MPRT) major Kitt Flamer-Caldera, under the stage name “Kitt F-C,” premiered his most recent album, “Noise Job,” during the “Eleven at Eleven” show on Friday on SU Upstream Radio, the on-campus radio station.


Jared Haley (left) speaks to Kitt F-C about his album, live on SU Upstream Radio. (Photo by Damon Mackin)

During the show, Kitt F-C spoke with host Jared Haley about the making of the album, which is set to release in mid-February.


(Photo by Damon Mackin)

This is, “an album that will make my generation feel like they matter,” Kitt F-C said, “while also paying tribute to the universal depression of 2016 and making it danceable.”

You can follow Kitt F-C on Instagram @KFC_369.

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