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Buzz Blog: Fun Valentine’s Day plans—even if you don’t have a date

By Tessa Climer, Social Media Manager


(Photo courtesy of People)

Ah, the sweet smell of love (or bitterness) is in the air as Hallmark’s favorite holiday rounds the corner.

Next week is Valentine’s Day and, traditionally, that means a candlelit dinner with an overpriced heart shaped box of chocolates for dessert.

Well, it’s 2017 now and tradition is changing. This holiday is a celebration of love; therefore it doesn’t have to just be for a significant other. You love your friends, don’t you? You love your family, right? You should be loving these people everyday—don’t get me wrong—but it’s okay to have a special day to really show the love. Here are some date ideas for you and friends, family or the person who has your heart.

Let’s just go ahead and get the obvious out of the way: the movies! You can enjoy this date with anyone and everyone, especially since the theaters always release good movies the weekend before V-Day, just in case you aren’t celebrating during the week. The Alamo Drafthouse in Kernstown, and the Carmike Cinemas at the Apple Blossom Mall are debuting “Fifty Shades Darker” this weekend through Valentine’s week. The Alamo is also having a special movie party of “The Bodyguard” on Valentine’s Day.

alamoDon’t worry, if you’re not into Fifty Shades or movies at all, there are other options.  Laser tag, bowling, and even taking a small road trip to have a few hours of trampoline fun are all options. Or, if you’re 21 or older, wineries are always a lovely time with friends or loved ones. Who doesn’t love sitting down with a glass of wine and a cheese platter? James Charles and Valerie Hill are my top two suggestions if you take that route.lala-land

Want to save money and just stay home? Invite some friends over for a Netflix marathon. There are plenty of new February releases that will entertain for hours. As for snacks, Pinterest is filled with easy DIY-themed treats that look delicious. Check out this delicious popcorn with M&M’s and marshmallows! Papa John’s even delivers heart shaped pizzas!

Valentine’s Day is a day that can make you feel lonely if you aren’t dating someone, but keep an open mind and try to look at it in a new way. Love is love, so whether you have your own Ryan Gosling or Emma Stone, enjoy the day with people you care about.

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