“The Colored Museum” premiers this weekend

By Sarah Beck, Entertainment Editor

Nicely tucked on the outskirts of downtown Winchester, The Margin produced a production of “The Colored Museum” at The Shenandoah Arts Council for the weekend of Feb. 18-19

The show stars Shenandoah Conservatory seniors D.J. Gayles, Kameron Burton, Lauren Thompson and Knightley Hill, and is directed by Jordan McCastkill. “The Colored Museum” premieres this February in honor of Black History Month.

“The show was really funny yet like poignant to talk about our experience but dramatize it to make it entertaining, touching, and deep.” acting major Knightley Hill said. “In the beginning read-through we would sit and talk but we would analyze what the story was about.”

The show is based on a satire of African American culture that ties in the truths of the many centuries of pain they experienced.

“After we analyzed, we would bring up our own experiences. Everyone related to a scenario in the scene. It all related in some sort of way to our satirical characters,” Hill said.

The Shenandoah Arts Council does not have a theatre type of space but The Margin transformed it in an inventive way. The back room of the building has local Winchester art pieces honoring Black History Month. The art that existed in the space represented some expression of being black in America. A painting and a bust of Barack Obama sat in the front of the audience for all to see as the story played out.

“It makes relevant points that we are still trying to fight in our artistry,” Hill said.

Those attending the shows that are not of color will be entertained but heartbroken at the same time.

“That I could see, our open dress had only two people of color in the audience, not including the director,” Hill said.

With the minimal props, makeup, costumes, and set  that were involved, the play gave a strong sense of the meaning behind the story to the audience.

“So in a way, it heightened black experiences in America that can unfortunately relate to our society today,” Hill said.

On Friday Feb. 17 and Saturday, Feb. 18 at 7 p.m., “The Colored Museum” will be showing for $10 for students and $15 for adults.


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