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Men’s basketball ends season with loss

By Dean Greenwood, Reporter

The Shenandoah University men’s basketball team ended their season with a 75-64 loss on Monday to Hampden-Sydney College.

The Hornets travelled to Hampden-Sydney to face off against the Tigers in a contest to advance in the playoffs. The Tigers were ranked number eight.

The Tigers led the whole game. At the half, the Tigers were leading by 15 points, and it did not look good for the Hornets.

The Hornets made a big comeback to make it look hopeful. While the men only trailed by two points with two minutes remaining, Hampden-Sydney pulled through to come out on top.

Senior Malcolm Clark led in points among both teams, putting 26 points on the board in his final game for Shenandoah. Clark also led the Hornets in overall in points for the season with 479.

Shenandoah will also be losing senior E.J. Baltimore, who was also a starter.

The schedule has not yet been released for next season.

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