Students ‘write love’ on campus

By Annie Hart, Reporter

On Feb. 28, 2016, a message of racial hatred was written on a dorm room door white board. Now, senior music education major Emily Ann Ellis is bringing Shenandoah students together to combat racist hatred through post-it notes.

“It disgusted me to know that someone on this campus made a fellow human being and student feel unsafe and unwelcome. I am the president of a new organization on campus, ‘SU Stands With You,’” she said.

SU Stands With You began this year to combat racist hatred.

“Our mission statement is, ‘Together using our voice of privilege to inform those who are unaware of the severity of institutional and systemic racism within the United States and fight for justice when opportunities arise,'” Ellis said.

“Write Love on a Whiteboard Day” had a meeting on Feb. 23 to explain what the event stands for. Then, on the night of Feb. 27, students created and placed sticky notes with positive comments with the hashtag #SUwritelove in buildings all over campus.

“My hope is that we will not forget what happened one year ago, but instead intentionally spread love in remembrance that we are better together now than we once were,” she said.

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