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University addresses Trump travel ban logistics, effects on students

By Manny Vasquez, Reporter

University officials are seeking to keep the Shenandoah University community informed as the Trump administration seeks to curb immigration from predominantly Muslim countries.

A 10-point information sheet posted on Canvas in the Directory of Shenandoah Resources includes a summary on immigration law, how to handle encounters with immigration officials, how to decide whether to travel abroad, and a list of Shenandoah contacts.

In a March 21 letter to students, the Rev. Dr. Rhonda VanDyke said the information would be updated as current events change.

“Shenandoah University remains committed to providing a safe and secure environment for all of our students and university community members,” VanDyke wrote in her letter.

The Trump administration has attempted twice to restrict immigration from predominantly-Muslim countries. The first attempt, made Jan. 27 in an executive order signed by President Trump, blocked immigration from seven Middle East countries. The order, which blocked green card holders and other legitimate immigrants from entering the U.S., was unanimously rejected by a federal appeals panel on Feb. 8.  

Trump signed a second revised executive order banning immigrants from six predominantly Muslim countries on March 6. This ban was blocked within days by two federal judges before it was set to take effect. The Trump administration has vowed to appeal the ruling although no date has been set for that appeal.

When asked how Shenandoah University is dealing with the changes, International Student Advisor Lora Steiner stated, “Mainly what we’re doing is monitoring at this point. There are some Shenandoah students who are from those countries but they have a different status; maybe dual citizens, residents, things like that.”

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