Campus News

Intercultural Programs hosts Hair Forum

By Annie Hart, Reporter

To kick off Be-YOU-tiful week, Intercultural Programs at Shenandoah University organized the first Hair Forum that was held Thursday in the Brandt Student Center Game Room.

This forum allowed students and faculty to talk about what makes their hair special and how that relates to their own personalities.

A panel of five, including Taylor Butts, senior vocal performance major, Hidayah Jaka, junior biology major, Danni Greer, sophomore core studies major, Alex Carney, senior religion major, and Myles Hairston, an alumni and employee of Shenandoah, answered questions.

The first question was “Does your hair define you?” This prompted a wide variety of responses. Many people in attendance said that it grows with you but it does not define all of you.

Jaka, a panelist, is a Muslim who practices the hijab. She told the group that her hair covering defines her but it is not the only thing that she is.

The second question asked for opinions on a law that would allow employers to deny applicants with dreadlocks the position purely for their hair choices.

Greer responded to that question by saying, “Being around other cultures is fun.”

Students and faculty spoke of a wide range of what they love about their hair from its versatility to resilience.


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