Around Winchester

Car window shattered on campus, police speculate break-in

By Dean Greenwood, Reporter


Junior Kenzie Fennell found her vehicle’s window shattered on campus on Wednesday afternoon. (Photo by Kenzie Fennell)

A Shenandoah University student found her car window smashed in the Aikens Athletic Center parking lot on Wednesday afternoon.

“I have no clue who or what caused this and why it happened,” said junior Kenzie Fennell. Fennell parked her vehicle in the back of the lot at 3 p.m. She had practice at the track until 5 p.m. She left her backpack in her car.

“While looking down at my phone, I opened my door to put my track bag in that seat. I had a piece of glass fall down and hit my foot,” Fennell said. This is when she looked up and noticed her window was smashed. Fennell then called her parents to ask what she should do. She then called Shenandoah’s Department of Public Safety (DPS) and Winchester City Police’s non-emergency number.

While Fennell waited for DPS to arrive to her car, she checked through her things to see if anything was stolen. “I do not believe anything was stolen at this time,” Fennell said.

A police officer and DPS officer came to the scene to take incident reports. According to Fennell, the police said that the way the glass broke it looks like someone broke into her car. They believe someone may have been trying to steal her bag.

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