Campus News

Love is in the Air!

By: Annie Hart

The brothers of Phi Mu Alpha are serenading individuals and Shut Up! It’s Shakespeare is declaring sonnets of love to people all over campus today, February 14.

The brothers of Phi Mu Alpha had a table last week at which students and other members of campus could purchase a serenade for anyone else on campus, even an animal. Brother Andrew Marrero Perez, 22 year old senior music education major, said, “Last year someone paid for us to serenade Calvin, a service dog, 3 times.”

The brothers of Phi Mu Alpha are a highlight of every Valentines day, even if you didn’t get a serenade this year, they include everyone in the room through the engaging dramatization of an old fraternity song.

New this year, the theatre troupe Shut Up! It’s Shakespeare is selling performances of sonnets for two dollars. They were in the Brandt Student Center, Monday Feb 12,  and Ruebush lobby,  Tuesday Feb 13, offering a selection of sonnets for you to purchase for your Valentine. The troupe is also offering a rose to your “lover or comrad” for one extra dollar. Shut Up! It’s Shakespeare President, junior acting major Connor McLean, said, “We take requests, i.e. holding the hand during the sonnet, how romantically it is delivered, etc. We’re looking forward to it tomorrow.”

Can you feel the love?

Happy Valentines Day from The Buzz staff!

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