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Winchester Welcomes Home Walsh

BY: Bethany Melvin

Adam Walsh, Winchester native and James Wood High School graduate, has come back to his roots to coach his hometown college basketball team. Before deciding to come home, Walsh coached at Centenary College of Louisiana for seven years.

“The chance that we have as a family and the chance that we have with the basketball program to not only impact and influence campus but also impact and influence the community, and I think being from here made this a very special opportunity for me.”

Walsh’s expectations for not only himself but his team intertwine the basketball team together, making a stronger impact within the Shenandoah community.

“I think there’s a lot sport can do. The guys that I coach and the guys that I will be recruiting to come here and be a part of the student body, and I think that we have to recruit the right people, and we have to have people that will be good quality parts of the Shenandoah family.”

Timing could not have been more perfect. The Walsh family just had their first child, “we were coming home with our first grandchild for my parents.” When the text message came through to Walsh’s phone notifying him of the job opening at Shenandoah, while sitting in the waiting room for their first doctor’s appointment, Walsh and his wife felt called to come home. From there, the rest is history, “everything just kind of fell in place and that it made sense for us to come home from afar.”

The transition is definitely a drastic one, as Louisiana is much different than Virginia. Walsh describes the culture of Louisiana as very different, family oriented, and everybody being a friend.

“It’s a unique environment, and we do miss it, but this is a unique opportunity for us to be where I grew up.”

Although a lot of relationships are being left behind, Walsh looks forward to
reconnecting in his hometown.

It is obvious Walsh is not only a family man, but an incredibly strong leader and influence in the lives of those he encounters, which is what makes him such a successful coach.

“I feel like, and I always have felt like I was called to coach basketball. If in your life you have the ability to merge your purpose with your passion, and those things can combine in your career, you’re going to love what you do.”

Walsh has had many people in his life lead him to where he is now, and he hopes to be one of those mentors in the lives of his players. Looking back at those who have shaped him into the man he is today, Walsh focuses on his
middle school years. Walsh does not come from an athletic family, but played basketball in middle school, managed in high school, as well as his college years at High Point University.

“I think, there’s no think, I know that basketball is where I’m supposed to be right now, but it’s not just basketball. It’s the calling of shepherding and helping to raise young men and young people through sport.”

Walsh believes God had him in the right place to learn from the right people and
experiences to be in the position he’s in today of having a love and passion for what he does.

“I hope that my family, myself, and my staff are people and examples that our players can look up to.”

Shenandoah University welcomes Adam Walsh, and his family, to the Shenandoah community.

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Photo Credits: Shenandoah Athletics

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