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Blayne Weaver – Writer, Director, Actor – has Returned to Winchester!

BY: Cynthia L. King

Blayne Weaver, director of “Santa Girl,” is back in Winchester, VA this week to overlook pick-up shots and voice recordings.

Last semester, Weaver and various other Hollywood folk came down to Shenandoah University to film the movie, “Santa Girl.” The movie was shot in 17 days – a pretty impressive feat – with the help of various SU students. Although filming is over, the movie isn’t finished yet.  On Feb. 21, Weaver is flying back to Winchester, VA and will remain in town for a week.

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 5.58.18 PM

Photo of Jennifer Stone and Joshua Cody (SU) by: OMC

For the next few days, Weaver will be in town directing various pick-up shots, and voice recordings. On Thursday and Friday, he will direct the filming of pick-up shots around campus and the surrounding areas. Don’t be alarmed if you see a small film crew on campus! They’re simply getting more footage for certain scenes, and establishing shots. Once filming has been covered, some of the SU students, who were actors in the film, will be called back into production to record new lines of dialogue or revise previous lines. Once these lines have been reordered, they will be placed into the movie, via the editing staff.

We will only be having Weaver for a week, so Feb.  28, we will have to bade Weaver farewell, once again!


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