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Getting to Know: Dr. Bridget Lyons, The Other New Addition to the SU Athletic Department

BY: Jacob Morgan

The Wilkins Athletic Center isn’t the only new addition to the Shenandoah University athletic department. This semester, SU has also welcomed a new Athletic Director, Dr. Bridget Lyons.
Dr. Lyons earned her masters and Ph.D. at VCU. A collegiate athlete herself, she played three different sports, and pursued sports journalism before coaching at the high school level.
Dr. Lyons previously worked at Barry University, a division two school in Miami, Florida, where she served as the Senior Associate Director of Athletics. When asked what made her come to Shenandoah, Dr. Lyons said that it was her aspiration to be an athletic director, and that our mission and vision here are very appealing to her.
Dr. Lyons hopes for the future are big. She wants to continue overseeing the use of the new athletic and events center, improve our facilities and help give back to the community. Another goal is being able to have “consistent contenders for conference champions” and the opportunities to excel on and off the field. The plans she has set for our new athletic center include getting all the phases done, and getting all of the coaches and staff settled in. Plans for a new weight room are being set in motion as well as hopes for building a baseball/softball complex.
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