Campus News

Hornet Central Consolidation: What Students Need to Know

By: Jesse Ya Diul

The beginning of a new semester brings about many changes for both students and faculty. One of the more significant changes is the consolidation of Hornet Central, Financial Aid and Student Services into a single entity called Student Financial Services.

This move is aimed to have Student Financial Services be a “one stop shop” for students and all of their financial needs.

The reason for this change is to better serve students in their busy day to day schedules. The aim is to no longer have students come into Hornet Central with a question, only to be redirected to a financial aid counselor or someone in Student accounts.

The new Student Financial Services will have staff who are fully trained to answer students questions immediately and get them more direct help. Student Financial Services will also have a staff member designated to help students with concerns relating to their work study.

Director of Student Financial Services, Karen Bucher, believes that the implementation of Student Financial Services will help serve students more quickly and efficiently and provide a format that is more student friendly and respond to student needs in a much more effective manner.


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