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FrankenReads: A Frightfully Fun Event

By: Hunter M. Blevins


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Looking for a frightfully fantastic time during Halloween week? Maybe a spectacularly spooky way to kill some time? Come join the Frankenreads happening on campus! The Global Frankenstein First Year Seminar class is hosting a reading of Mary Shelley’s timeless classic “Frankenstein” to celebrate its bicentennial.


Each day during the week of Halloween, a group of students and faculty will be reading a section of the book and offering an assortment of activities and a downright fun time!


Listed below are the times and locations that you can join in on the fun for each day:

Monday: 3-5:30pm – Hornet Grill/Gameroom

Tuesday: 6-8:30pm – Hornet Grill/Gameroom

Wednesday: 4-6:30pm – Hornet Grill/Gameroom

Thursday: 3:30-6pm – Hornet Grill/Gameroom

Friday: 4-6:30pm – Hornet Grill/Gameroom


Just when you thought it couldn’t possibly get better, you can be a part of the event yourself! Fill out the google form below to reserve your spot as a reader and take part in this ghoulishly great event coming to campus Halloween week!

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