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When is it appropriate to break out your UGGs?

By India Larry

As the cold season arises, UGGs are one of the best coziest, stylish, and comfortable footwear for women. But the question is, when is the appropriate time to wear them?

On Shenandoah’s campus, there were many viewpoints about when UGGs are suitable.

Several girls around campus had an opinion:

“At least when it is like 50 degrees (in Winchester)” – Lacie

“Girls are super pressed to wear their UGGs, as soon as October hits.” – Nesha

“It has been freezing in the early mornings, and therefore wearing UGGs are the best.” – Domonique

“I just can’t wait until it gets colder to wear my UGGs” – Sarah

“I think it needs to be really cold outside to wear them.” – Stasha

“My initial thought is when it is cold outside, but to put a time frame on it, November 1st.” – Regine

“When it is windy and cold wear UGGs.” – Kortney

“Wear UGGs when it is cold outside” –Kate

Now that you have heard from Shenandoah’s campus, we want to hear from you! When do you believe is the right time to wear your UGGs?

What do you think?

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