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Faculty and Staff Perspective: $how Me The Benefit$

By Kevin Nealon

Kim McDonald’s official title is Associate Director of Human Resources, but she’s really SU’s benefits geek and is passionate about helping you make the most of your benefits. So, if you’re benefited faculty or staff, make an appointment with her and have a benefits geek-out. The visit may save or earn you some cash!

All full time faculty, auxiliary faculty and staff working 20 or more hours a week have benefits. To learn about them, start with the Directory of Shenandoah Resources that is available on your Canvas dashboard. The link for Human Resources leads to the benefits page. Kim recommends reading up on your benefits and then visit her with any questions.

Retirement Information – Entering the Promised Land!

Recently, SU as part of the Council of Independent Virginia Colleges (CIVC), entered into a Multiple Employer Plan (MEP). The goal of the MEP is to reduce costs by sharing financial advisors among the member schools of the CIVC. Administered by Millennium Advisory Services, the MEP helps you decide where you should invest your retirement money and adjustments to your contribution levels. Millennium Advisory Services works with the funds administrator, TIAA, to transfer retirement savings from one investment account to another.

Kim is also excited about the optional Accident and Critical Care benefit. This benefit includes a Health Maintenance Screening Benefit where you get $50 back for things like blood tests, bone density scans and other health screening tests.

So go visit Kim Mcdonald because being ignorant of your employment benefits is like leaving money on the table.


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