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SU Transfer Students Embrace New Challenges

By Nathan Lewando

Tough. Difficult. Challenging. That is how Shenandoah University transfer students are describing their first semester. From feeling separated socially to having to make adult decisions for the first time, these students are facing challenges in their lives they haven’t seen before.


Chris Oates, a transfer to Shenandoah that’s been here over three years, says it’s definitely been a struggle. “It was difficult for me coming in as a transfer, I didn’t have any of that special bond with someone to share any of those college “struggles” like living in a dorm or things of that nature with anyone since I’m from Winchester” said Oates.

Still, don’t expect them to be intimidated.


“I’ve liked it so far.” Said Jahvon Noray, a transfer student in his first semester. “It’s kinda like a puzzle because you’re trying to connect the pieces and make everything fit.” Noray continued to say, “it was definitely an adjustment because I am on my own for the first time and I have to make adult decisions with not a lot of guidance so it’s definitely tough”.


While the challenges are there, SU transfer students are using all the help and resources at their disposal according to the Orientation and Persistence Director, Amy Sine. “The programs such as Transfer Connection have definitely picked up steam over the past few years with Transfer students and we have had more attendance in programs such as Transfer Connection. The students are more actively participating in the monthly program” said Sine.


Sine went on to talk about the positive feedback she has gotten from transfer students in recent years. “This year we have had a lot more participation from Transfer students in Transfer Connection and we have received great feedback that they are feeling more connected to campus and a better sense of community” said Sine


Whether it’s using resources like Transfer Connection or just embracing the new challenges like doing a puzzle, SU transfer students aren’t scared of the challenges ahead.


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