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4 Ways To Shake The Mid-Semester Angst on Campus

By Andrew Coffman

Piles of homework and increased stress can be a recipe for depression. Mid-semester anxiety can be crippling, but you can prevent it from happening.


Shenandoah has multiple outlets to help you escape from stress; here are some of them:


  1. Join an intramural team


Throughout the winter and spring seasons Shenandoah offers numerous club and intramural sports that student and faculty members alike can join. The activities range for the entirety of the spring semester so it’s never too late to join.


  1. Visit the new AR and VR lab


One of the newest and most exciting attractions to the Shenandoah Campus is the Augmented and Virtual Reality Lab in the basement of the Health and Life Sciences Building. Helmed by the director of SCIL, JJ Ruscella, the lab is open and encourages student engagement.


  1. Spend time in the Student Center


Every day Brandt Student Center hosts activities for students to escape the ever-growing pile of schoolwork. The student center bolsters activities ranging from painting, massages, poetry, bingo, poker and much more. All you have to do is go online and check when activities are taking place.


  1. Check out the new E-sports lab


Sharing a space with the AR/VR lab, E-sports is one of the newest and most exciting attractions to SU’s campus. While the E sports team has priority during their practice times, the lab is open to all students. “The more students we have in there the better,” said Dr. Gawrysiak, the leader of the E sports lab and department.


If none of these activities can help you through the mid-semester blues, SU prides itself on its counselors located in Cooley Hall. All you have to do is schedule a meeting through the University’s website.







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