Around Winchester

Shenandoah’s Most Prolific Passer Looks to Further His Career

By: Andrew Coffman


In the early spring of 2015 after most workouts you would find Hayden Bauserman in his truck, alone. After transferring to SU midway through the 2014-2015 school year Hayden didn’t live on campus and barely knew any of his teammates. “At first it was really intimidating. I didn’t really know anyone and I didn’t really have any friends. I went through some really rough times.”


Finishing his freshman campaign with average stats and a losing record, some still had doubts if Hayden was the right man for the job.


Nearly 4 years later the same player who once isolated himself from his teammates became the most prolific passer and one of the greatest leaders in SU history. He has broken every significant passing record and will potentially be in the NFL, but not many know Hayden outside of football.


Hayden graduated with a 3.5 GPA and was a member of the Environmental club. He routinely volunteered through the football program at local elementary schools and was staple in the Shenandoah Community.


After his playing career concludes Hayden said he wants to stay around the game. “I’ve never wanted to work a conventional 9-5 job. I’d love to coach football and if the opportunity for me to coach at SU ever arose I would take it in an instant.”


Hayden has recently been in talks with multiple NFL and CFL teams prior and after the two pro-days he participated in at Richmond Univeristy and the University of Virginia. He’s looking to extend the moment from this past season and the pro-days into a professional career.










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