Around Winchester

Pause The Music, The Future of De’Angelo’s Dance Party

By Noah Stitt

Dance Party with De’Angelo has become a well know staple on our campus over the past year. The dynamic and lively fitness class led by the charismatic De’angelo Wynn has progressed a lot since first being offered. What was once believed to only have a couple people show up for it, now constantly has 70 plus participants per class.


Dance party is a great way to take a break, let loose and have fun while also burning a few calories. However, it will be seeing some changes moving forward. I was personally able to work on a video covering dance party in its early stages last year. Now I had the pleasure to catch up with De’angelo and discuss how it’s been watching the fitness class grow and what it’s going to look like as he graduates this May.

“There are lots of new and exciting things happening with dance party. The growth has been so great that we now offer 2 classes. Watching the fitness class grow… has truly been humbling. What I get out of dance party is the satisfaction of helping others achieve their fitness goals in a fun way. One principle that I try and live by is, “each one reach one, each one teach one,” and in a way leading dance party helps me reach out to others.”


With De’angelo crossing the stage later this Spring that may bring up the questions. Who’s taking over and what’s going to happen with the class? Wynn does not like to look at it that way, He believes that the hip hop fitness class is bigger than himself. “There is no after dance party. This is because the actual party isn’t just me. I’ve had the opportunity to train trainers who will ensure that dance party always has a home at Shenandoah. And although Wynn will be graduating in the near future, he plans to still be around as he transitions into the MBA program here at SU. Wynn is confident that the fitness class will continue on with immense success and be in good hands. “I still see a bright future for dance party with De’Angelo. I ain’t going nowhere.”


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