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The Apple Blossom Parking Conundrum

By: Annie Hart

Shenandoah students are, yet again, angered by the parking policies on campus.


This morning, April 30 at 11:18am, the Shenandoah University Student Life Facebook page posted an announcement telling students that their car’s must be moved from the Shockey Drive Parking Garage by 6:00pm today.


This only gave students an afternoon to move their cars. What about those who have classes, work study, or other obligations and are not able to move their cars?


This also creates a huge backup of parking for the rest of campus. Commuter students will have to leave their homes even earlier to ensure they can find a parking place to get to the classes they must attend at the university they pay to attend.


Madisen Kesecker, a junior psychology major and commuter student said; “As a townie I think it is ridiculous that Shenandoah University clears a whole parking lot for the Bloom yet we have to pay so much money no matter if you come in half a semester or not. The entire parking garage does not need to be cleared for the Bloom when there is plenty of parking lots available and other spaces that they had been utilizing for years prior to the freshman parking garage being built.”


Many people agree that Shenandoah is an important part of the Winchester community, so the events on campus are warranted. However, students are required to attend classes until the end of the day Thursday.


“While I understand that we open our campus to the community for big events like concerts and things for Apple Blossom, I don’t think we should have to give up our parking. Since these events are run through the community and not our school I don’t think we should have to give up an entire parking garage.” Kendall Melton, junior psychology major told The Buzz, “I believe it should be the community’s responsibility to have more parking options for events like these, not SU”


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