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Dear Hornets- A Letter From The Editor

By: Annie Hart


Welcome back to returning Hornets and welcome to the newest members of our hive!


The Buzz plans to cover Welcome Week and get photos, videos, and quotes from students and faculty to showcase the wide array of events Shenandoah’s Welcome Week has to offer.


As Shenandoah gets ready for welcome week, that comes with a return to a new semester, we at The Buzz wanted to talk about the upcoming school year to get our readers excited for what’s to come on campus!


This year at Shenandoah there are so many amazing new opportunities and showcases of our Hornet’s talents.


The long awaited theatrical release of Santa Girl is August 31st at the Alamo Drafthouse in Winchester including a Q&A afterwards with director Blayne Weaver. The following week the Alamo will being showing Santa Girl to the public!


Continuing on the arts, the conservatory will be putting on many other great shows this year. These shows include; Something Rotten, Parade, Macbeth, 1776, and many more dynamic pieces from all areas of the performing arts.


Next, the E-Sports arena will be opening this semester. With a summit on September 13-14. This summit will include speakers, Q&A sessions, game expositions, and more.


The Buzz will cover all of this and so much more under new leadership.


That being said, I’m Annie Hart and I am the new editor-in-chief for the 2019-2020 school year!


I’ve been on staff since my freshman year and I’m now a senior. A lot of my time and energy has gone into creating content for the site and I’m so excited to fulfill my new position!


This year we will be an even more well-rounded news source. By having more recruiting events, including being at the Club Fair in September. Creating more consistent article production from all areas of the university. Covering the local Winchester life. Sharing students’ stories. AND SO MUCH MORE.


Have a great year Hornets! We can’t wait to share our new content with you!




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