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CGTN America Pays Shenandoah a Visit

By: Jason Anderson

CGTN America paid a visit to the Shenandoah campus in late October to conduct a story on the new esports program. 


CGTN, also known as China Global Television Network, consists of six channels in five languages with bold viewership numbers around 85 million people worldwide. Reporter Frances Kuo and her cameraman began their story in the classroom of Professor Christopher Scroggins’ Intro to Esports class and finished in the recently finished Esports Arena in the Armory. 

When asked her goals for coming to Shenandoah, Kuo said, “I wanted to learn about Shenandoah University’s esports program as it is one of the few in the country.” Kuo later added “This is part of our continuing coverage on the esports industry and how it is evolving.” 

The Director of Esports at Shenandoah, Dr. Joey Gawrysiak was very pleased with the coverage provided by CGTN. Dr. Gawrysiak mentioned, “I think they did a really good job on getting a snapshot of the esports program on the academic side and even the competitive side when they came down to the Arena and saw some of our students practicing.” 

When Kuo was asked about her experience at Shenandoah she said “The students were great to work with and helping break it [esports] down, because it’s something that I don’t really know much about.” 


Dr. Gawrysiak is excited for the opportunities that this coverage may bring to the esports program at Shenandoah. “It is really beneficial to expose people to what we’re doing beyond the United States and beyond just playing video games,” Dr. Gawrysiak stated. 


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