Campus News

The Holiday Gala

By: Joe Fisher

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The Shenandoah Conservatory hosted its annualHoliday Gala, co-produced by Matt Oltman and Stephanie Higgins, at Ohrstrom Bryant Theatre on December 5-6th to celebrate this festive season.


“Stephanie Higgins and I are co-producing the show for the first time.” says co-producer Matt Oltman. “It’s a holiday variety show with acts ranging everywhere from Jazz

combinations, and musical theatre numbers with on-point ballet . We even combined our choir singing with the Heimat Quartet. It’s a real range of music and visual dance.”


For one week, the Conservatory will stop there operations to focus on bringing joy to the world through this musical performance. This will give an opportunity for all divisions to collaborate with their respective colleagues.


“We wanted to make sure everyone was included,” said co-producer Stephanie Higgins. “Matt and I have been working closely throughout the Conservatory ro ensure that all students and faculty are well-represented, It certainly would not be possible without the collaboration of our colleagues in all areas of theatre, dance, and instrumental music.”


Ohrstrom Bryant Theatre has been recently renovated with new technology, thanks to the gracious support of our donors. By adding a projector along with a new sound system, this really promotes the venue as a state-of-the-art theatrical space.


“We wanted to use the projector to not just thank the donors, but to share the message of holiday greetings and give a good feeling to our donors that their contributions have a real affect on the students.”

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