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Dollface: A Commentary on the Importance of Female Friendships

By: Dorie Triplett

Hulu’s newest one season saga about prioritizing girlfriends’ love over romantic relationships is a must-see whilst coming into the new year. If you can get past the hokey cat lady CGI, (and I’m talking a literal cat head on a human body) the message from ‘Dollface’ speaks truth about the new era of young women and their strength in numbers.

We start off watching a painful but relatable scene with which Kat Dennings gets dumped by her long-time, attractive boyfriend of six years. It’s then that she realizes she has no friends, due to her past unwillingness to connect with anyone besides her S.O.

As she succeeds throughout the season to reconnect with her old girlfriends from college, she realizes life doesn’t have to revolve around a man anymore.

Her journey and inner conflict is not only conveyed through her new found relationships with Brenda Song (yes, we love to see London Tipton back in all her glamorous action) and Shay Mitchell (a ‘Pretty Little Liars’ absolute favorite) but through random conversations with an imaginary cat lady who helps her to detect (sometimes reasonable, sometimes outrageously comical) perspective on her situation.

Yes, ladies- we can all relate to drifting apart from our best friends. And sometimes that may be due to a man in our lives, one that we think we can’t get enough of. One man, boyfriend, main squeeze, whatever you want to call him- should never take so much priority in your life that you don’t spend quality girl time with your bff’s. It’s an understandable hard pill to swallow.

Don’t worry though, if you can’t laugh at yourself, Dollface will come through for you with it’s painfully recognizable inside jokes about girls and their interactions.

This winter break, if you’re bored and scrolling through your hulu account with a cat on your lap and your favorite mug filled with hot cocoa, you won’t be disappointed with Dollface. The series will undoubtedly give you appreciation and gratitude (like it did for me) about the importance of your best girlfriends.

Never take for granted how they can serve as a checks and balances network in your life. Afterall, that love and support is unlike anything else that a boyfriend can provide.


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