Campus News

Welcome Back!

By: Annie Hart

Welcome back Hornets! I hope your winter break was restful and you’re all ready to tackle this new semester with 2020 vision!

This first week has been WILDLY busy for me, as I’m sure it has been for all of you as well.

I’ve been buying textbooks that are way too expensive, maneuvering my class schedule, and trying to wake up early enough to get a cup of coffee and do my makeup before class (fyi both of those things together hasn’t happened yet).

Although, one thing I have been able to do is to set up the first meeting for The Buzz this semester! This will be this upcoming Friday, January 31st at 3pm in Vickers.

This will be an informal interest meeting so please attend if you are even remotely interested in writing, taking photographs, or creating any other kind of content for The Buzz.

Since myself and a few other staff members of The Buzz are seniors graduating in May, we will need some new faces in the office as both content creators and in administrative roles! I would love to meet anyone who is interested at the first meeting!

What do you think?

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