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Students Skip the Shenandoah Shuttle

By: Whitney Wright

Shenandoah University’s Department of Public Safety provides students with a free shuttle service to assist with those longer commutes. However, more and more students find that it’s more convenient and timely to skip the shuttle stop and make the trek on foot. 

The shuttle runs every weekday from 7:00 am until 11:00 pm. It is advertised by Shenandoah’s website to make stops at East Campus Common, Henkel Hall, Ruebush Hall, Halpin-Harrison Hall and Armstrong Hall on a 30 minute loop. 

“It’s a good idea, but the way they act on it, it’s not working as well as they want it to. The 30 minute loop is more like 45 minutes and if you’re trying to use it to get from class to class, you’re not going to get there on time. It’s just not going to happen,” said one anonomus student. 

“It’s never there when you need it. Because I mean honestly, whenever I’m walking back from the [freshman] parking garage, it usually takes me 10 minutes, and I’ve never seen the shuttle,” said another student. 

Both interviewed students proposed the addition of another shuttle added into the loop; “They need more shuttles,” said the first student, “At least 1 more. That would make a world of difference. That would cut the wait at least in half. Maybe even split up the stops between the two [shuttles.] The system they have now is just really inconvenient.”

The second student added, “They should have a system where you could call the shuttle now.” 

When asked about a second shuttle, the Department of Public Safety reported that there are two current shuttles throughout the day with two drivers, and only one operating at night. 

 Students have the Department of Public Safety’s phone number on the back of their SU IDs and can call to request a shuttle stop or a Safe Ride & Walk.


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