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Don’t be Afraid to Have Fun at Morgan’s Dance Party!

By: Dorie Triplett

Have you ever felt like you wanted to venture out of your comfort zone and dance for someone else besides that person in the mirror? Have you ever felt like your dance moves in the shower were totally fire but never had the courage to show your friends? Do you wish you could look as cool as the kids that break down their moves on TikTok?


Look no further! Dance Party with Morgan is every Tuesday night at 6 p.m. in Shingleton gym!


Although dancing in front of a group can seem very intimidating and almost paralyzing to even try, Morgan Mays is not your typical unapproachable dancer. Morgan, who is predeceasing De’Angelo’s Dance Party, has designed and incorporated all the ideas, routines and music that De’Angelo has trained her in and chosen for being an official Dance Party instructor.

Morgan has been studying and performing dance her entire life, whether it be on the traditional or modern side. She uses her knowledge in dance instruction and her current studies of Exercise Science to design a dance session that will improve your mental, physical, and spiritual health.

Dance Party is here for students to stay active in a fun way when college can be most stressful. All of us can relate to putting our physical health to the side when we need to prioritize schoolwork. However, with attending Morgan’s Dance Party, we can keep up with our New Year’s resolutions and even have fun doing so! Working out does not have to be as hard as it may seem, and it’s an inclusive place to dance with your fellow classmates, even if you’re doing all the opposite moves.

Morgan shows her empowering attitude towards everyone that attends her class through her popstar moves and cheers of encouragement. Don’t be afraid to come to class every Tuesday whether you’re male or female, Freshman or Faculty, the more the merrier! Build your confidence through sense of community and fun with Shenandoah’s gold star dancing instructor!

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