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Is The Village Worth the Cost?

By: Langston McCatty

Shenandoah University is a private institution which like most colleges, has its own dorms for students.

The dorms a student may live in vary based on student year, amount of space, as well as a student’s GPA.

The dorms most people want to live in on-campus are the dormitories known as “The Village”.

The Village currently consists of three apartment styled buildings named Roni’s Roost, Caruthers, and Dove’s Nest. All three buildings have 3 floors of housing for the students with apartment-style lock and key for personal door access and room access. The apartments have a full kitchen and a full-size refrigerator. They also come with free laundry and two bathrooms.

Dorms like this would naturally be a college student’s preference in living.

However, the process to live in the Village is not as simple as it is for other housing on campus.

To be considered for housing you must be an upperclassman, have a GPA of 3.0 or higher, and you must apply for housing in the village with at least three recommendations.

Once all steps have been made, a student would receive an email during the summer before the upcoming fall semester either denying or accepting you to live in the Village.

If not accepted, you will have to register for other housing during the regularly planned housing process.

If a student is accepted, they will have all the information about their housing in the email including which building they are assigned to, their apartment number, and what room they have been assigned to.

While living here is very convenient for students there are some cons to living here.

Living in the Village is more expensive than living in other dorms which alarms multiple people when they look at the increase in payments for tuition.

One of the problems students have complained about the most is the changes in their meal plans.

Students have come to find that you do not receive a meal plan while living in the Village.

This is a problem because many students have been admitted to the Village and do not realize they do not have a meal plan until they try to swipe their cards for food on the campus.

Corey Williams, a junior who currently lives in Roni’s Roost recalls when he first found out he did not have a meal plan: “I went to swipe my card and they told me I do not have a plan. I was confused. The school didn’t tell me I didn’t have one.”

Another student, senior Joseph Simila said: “I had to go to Hornet Central and buy a meal plan in addition to the already increased price of my tuition. I have one now but its not full. I can only eat five meals a week.”

Students have had mixed feelings about housing in The Village. Some are content while others feel it is a waste of time and not worth the money.

Whether living in The Village or not is for the student applying for housing to decide.



















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