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Get to Know Your Advisors

By: Lauren Baker

The College of Arts & Sciences Office of Advising experiences a number of events on a

daily basis. Some are to be expected, as they go along with the Office’s purpose—helping students in their academic careers. Others are of a more practical nature, while still others are rather…unexpected.

The Office of Advising opens at 9 AM Monday through Friday, and remains available until 4 PM. Mrs. Jo Strader and Ms. Rachel Sherman are two of the main staff who tirelessly assist students in need of help, be it with class schedules, proper paperwork, or other academic concerns.

“It changes, depending on the season that we’re in, but I do a lot of helping students findclasses…talk to the students about their future careers and how to get them there,” says Mrs.Strader.

For staff members like Mrs. Strader and Ms. Sherman, the daily routine is mostly the same. “Mainly I file paperwork, so anytime a student…brings in a paper to change their major oradd a minor, I will be the one that officially puts that into the system and then get it approved byJo or…Valerie Taylor,” says Ms. Sherman. “I also will greet students and kind of be triage, whenwork studies aren’t here…just to make they are going to the right person”.

Both women do the best they can to see that every student’s needs are seen to. When notmeeting with students (either by appointment or by drop-in), Mrs. Strader can often be found completing paperwork or talking with students or parents over the phone.

Ms. Sherman works to complete necessary projects for other staff members as well as assist students. When registration comes around at the end of every semester the Office becomes incredibly busy, and all staff members work their hardest to ensure that each student’s needs are met.


A number of Work Studies are also employed at the Office of Advising. A Work Study is a student who completes a certain amount of hours working for the University in various settings, as a student employee. Their jobs in the Office of Advising include filing paperwork, ensuring students are signed in and directed to the proper advisor, answering the phone when staff members are unavailable, and taking messages when necessary.

The mission of the Office of Advising is simple but straightforward, according to Mrs.Strader. “We are in the business of helping students realize their goal of attaining a collegedegree. Everything we do is to support them on this stretch of their journey. Graduation is always bittersweet, but that is the destination we are aiming for”.

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