Campus News

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update: Remote Instruction

By: Annie Hart

The Office of the President sent out an e-mail this afternoon alerting the campus community that classes will be moving to remote instruction for two weeks, March 16-29.

This means classes will be held online, so it is not an extended spring break. President Fitzsimmons asks students to be patient with their professors during this transition as the university has been working to be prepared but nothing is perfect. This is something we haven’t faced before and our professors are worried about their health and the health of their families as well as teaching.

However, the university is not completely closed. Administration, the library, dining hall, and Wilkins Wellness Center will still be open. So, if it becomes an issue to return or stay home for residential students they can stay on campus but need to fill out this survey to do so.

The university will re-evaluate the situation daily and let students know by March 26th what the plans are about the following week.

As for The Buzz, we will still be giving you some content! We have a backlog of posts to keep you entertained during this stressful time.

Please stay safe out there hornets! We hope to be buzzing back on campus soon!

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