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Letter from the Editor: Online Semester

Hey there Hornets,As I’m sure everyone is aware, the university has called for online classes for the rest of the spring semester. This is incredibly difficult and heartbreaking news for the whole Shenandoah Family.

Even though this change is difficult, It is incredibly necessary to understand that this is for the best. You, your friends, and your family might not be at high risk but others around you could be. So go out in public only for essentials! Sit on your back porch when it’s nice out and go for walks around your neighborhood. Being outside is not against social distancing!

I’m not trying to say this is all easy, social distancing is hard, I’ve been sitting at home dealing with absolute rock bottom levels of motivation. Even as a self-proclaimed introvert, I miss my Target runs and sitting on campus doing homework.

Something I saw on Instagram this week resonated with me. The post said that this will be over and when it is restaurants will have 2 hour waits, bars will be packed on Saturday nights, everyone will want to go to the gym, and we will all have a new sense of humanity.

The Buzz will try to keep you updated on Covid-19 news. There will be blog style posts, updated news articles, and more to keep you both informed and entertained.

Stay strong hornets!

With love and light,

Annie Hart, Editor in Chief


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