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Bloom from Your Room: Protect The Vulnerable Fundraiser

By: Annie Hart

The students in Dr. Scott King’ psychology class Adult Years and the Aging Process have taken on a new role in times of struggle.

Instead of just being students and focusing on themselves, the class has created a fundraiser to help out the Shenandoah Area Agency on Aging(SAAA). During this time, the SAAA is closed down to congregates aged 65+ who normally meet together almost every day for fellowship.

SAAA is still delivering meals on wheels to both congregates as well as homebound older adults.

Even though their spirit of giving is abundant, the money coming into this program is not.

I am in this class as a student and, before the coronavirus changed our lives, had the opportunity to spend time with these older adults. They are amazing, hilarious, multifaceted people who in this time of illness are some of our most vulnerable. They are in need of our help!

The class has created a video and a fundraising link where you can donate! In order to purchase a “Bloom from Your Room” Apple Blossom t-shirt the donation must be at least 30 dollars. There is an option to donate without receiving a t-shirt, but why wouldn’t you want a commemorative shirt for the most unexpected Apple Blossom of our college experience?

Donate Here! 




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