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Rock, Paper, Scissors- SHOOT

By: Dorie Triplett

Over 30 players gathered on a Wednesday night to play the most intense game of Rock, Paper, Scissors in SU history. Zoom is not only a place for lecture or club meetings, but now a fun gaming spot to compete for that $25 Shenandoah gift card that everybody is dying to get their hands on.

The game went smoothly hosted by Matt Levy who orchestrated the tournament two players at a time, best 3 out of 5. Matt moved through his previously planned out brackets and the gamers went up against each other with their pre-made Rock, Paper, Scissors signs to avoid any cheating from lagging of computer screens.

A lot of people had colorful and artistic signs, making the game that much more visually exciting. Everyone was giving compliments to each other on their signs and cheering each other on even when they themselves lost a game.

It was heart-warming to see several players have their kids pick their signs for them and have even better luck in the game doing so! Each round got more exciting as more players were eliminated.

Even Tracy Fitzsimmons had an intense showdown, each contestant pulling the same card several times in a row when it came down to the win.

Down to the two finalists, after every competitor had their time to shine, everyone watched intently as Megan Anderson and Shayla Rickard pulled their cards.

It was a nail-biting moment of truth and suspense filled the Zoom chat as both women kept pulling equal ammunition. “Great minds think alike!” Matt had to exclaim.

In the end, Shayla Rickard pulled through with a narrow victory, and it was a charming sight to see. A big thank you is granted to Cedric Wilson and Matt Levy for making this tournament happen, for it was a great way to socialize with friends and faculty during these hard times.

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