New Editor of The Buzz

By: Dorie Triplett

As we come to the beginning of the 2020 Fall semester, still feeling unsure of what’s to come in our academic as well as our personal lives, we are also saying a sad goodbye to Editor-in-Chief, Annie Hart. Annie was a great leader and contributor to The Buzz, Shenandoah University’s multimedia news outlet. Always providing a warm welcome and personable feedback to everyone who wanted to lend their journalistic voice to Shenandoah’s community, Annie is a good friend and professional that’s hard to come by.   

Annie has paved the way for The Buzz and upheld high standards for its continuation. We hope to provide fast, newsworthy, and thought-provoking content just like she has. This is why, I, Dorie Triplett will be the new Editor of The Buzz for the upcoming year.  I am up to the challenge of bringing the Shenandoah University community stories that are fundamental and let’s not forget entertaining. 

This year, I am looking to improve the critical thinking skills of the SU community as a whole. We can all learn a little bit more about our friends’ perspectives, no matter where we come from. The benefits of learning about how we can have compassion for others, no matter our differences, are innumerable and invaluable.  

I am a transfer student and upcoming senior studying Media and Communications. I have a lot to learn from Annie, my professors, and friends. I hope to improve The Buzz by reaching out to as many students as possible and understanding how to better the group by organizing the voice as a whole. I would also like to hone in my skills in journalism and communication studies by improving my commitment to listening, writing, and editing the news. 

I plan to stop at nothing in getting the story from as many students as possible on campus. Do you have any ideas in mind? Do you want your voice heard this year? Are you willing to venture out of your comfort zone? Please do not hesitate to reach out, as we will always be on the lookout for the scoop on the inner workings of the SU neighborhood.

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