Helping the Hive

Being a College Student in 2020

Morgan Letizia 

WINCHESTER, VA- One of the few things that people seem to be agreeing on these days is that we are living in strange times. 2020 has been so eventful that future history classes will most likely have whole textbooks devoted to everything that has happened. 

   Although this might be biased, college students are having a particularly hard time with the current situation. College students are trying to navigate schoolwork, working multiple jobs, living through a pandemic, a presidential election, and much more. 

    Pretty much every student is feeling stressed and overwhelmed during this time. “College has become a lot more chaotic, going to school during this time is especially hard for those who struggle with mental health and learning disabilities. It seems like everyone is a lot more stressed and professors are getting frustrated, but we’re frustrated too.” says Danielle Kirby, a senior psychology major. 

 It is very important to practice self-care during this time, as it’s very easy to become stressed. Although we are several months into the pandemic, it is still very much happening and everyone is navigating it the best they can. If you find yourself becoming increasingly overwhelmed, communicate with your professors and advisors, they are here to help you! Remember to be kind to yourself and others, you are a college student living through 2020 and that’s something to be proud of!

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