Helping the Hive

“Senior year, 100% online”.

Langston McCatty

WINCHESTER – Schools around the country have implemented curriculums that will allow for in-class and online learning; some for complete online learning.

Shenandoah University is one of the many institutions that allows for both in-person and online learning. Many students have adapted to this learning style and some have committed to learning completely online.

Exercise Science Major and Senior, Destiny Peabody is one of the students who has made the transition this year to complete online classes. 

Peabody, like other students, had the option to go to classes in person but opted not to. “I didn’t want to commute for an hour and a half every day.”

While most students have opted for complete online classes, Peabody has done so while at the end of his college career and graduation in December.

As we spoke, I asked him how it was to be completely online for the semester. Peabody said, “It’s not too bad but I’ve missed a couple of assignments. I have so much free time it’s hard to stay focused sometimes.”

That is when he expressed that remaining focused was the hardest thing about being completely online. “It’s a lot harder to stay focused; I get lost in everything I’m doing and lose track of time.”

Many people would say that their days go by slow when there is a lack of things to do. Peabody is the opposite. 

“The days go by fast and I lose track of time. I’ve watched more Netflix this semester than I have in my entire life.”

Procrastination is also a reason Peabody admits he has lost track of time and missed a few assignments. 

As the interview went on, I asked Peabody what he missed most due to being online for the semester; he says he misses hanging out with the friends he made on campus.

“I made a lot of friends on the football and track team. I miss not being able to hang out with them or see them.”

While Peabody expressed his thoughts about his friends, he also expressed that he gained weight during his semester online.”

“Man, I gained 10lbs being here. There’s not much to do but I did start working out again yesterday.”

Physical activity is one thing Peabody looks forward to during his time home on quarantine. Although he conveyed that he will not be pushing himself as hard as he was.

“I tried running four miles every day…hard.”

While Peabody will not be running four miles anymore, he will continue to be optimistic about his circumstances; he is grateful the pandemic has not had a major effect on his or his family’s health. 

Peabody expressed that he is motivated to finish strong and to achieve a 4.0 for the semester. 

As the interview ended Peabody offered his advice to students who are currently completely online. 

“Just keep up with all your assignments, balance out your free time and school time, and try your best to be positive. We’ll get through this.”

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