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Shenandoah Go App Gets Mixed Reviews

Allison Delawder

Some professors and students at Shenandoah University have differing opinions about the Shenandoah Go app, which is used to check every student and faculty member for COVID-19-like symptoms. 

Students and faculty must complete the app’s symptom check form in order to receive a green pass to enter buildings on campus. Students and professors collectively agree that the majority of people filling out the form are being honest and responsible, but there are some who are not. Some professors have differing views on whether or not the app is effective at stopping the spread of COVID-19 on campus.

According to Michael Zimmerman, assistant professor of biology and environmental studies, the app does not stop the spread in general. 

“Students have learned how to get a red pass for classes, but then later in the day they are able to resubmit the form and get a green pass to go to the dining hall. Until you stop that from happening, you will have false reporting and it will not serve its purpose.”

Bridget Mason, a public health student, agreed that the app is not effective at stopping the spread. “I do think it gives an idea for COVID cases on campus,” Mason said. “With that said, I rarely get my pass checked anywhere on campus, which is very ineffective.” 

Recently, the app was updated where there is no longer a temporary green pass, which used to pop up immediately after the form was filled out. Students and faculty must now submit their symptom check prior to arriving on campus because the green pass does not show up until 15 minutes after submitting the form. While some professors did not have a strong opinion about the new update to the app, one professor stated her concerns about the green pass not showing up immediately. 

“With this new update you lose the flexibility, and I understand that some of my students roll out of bed and walk into class because I used to do that,” said Elizabeth Cantwell, associate professor and department chair of biology. 

Students agreed that the app could use some updates and improvements to make it more effective and efficient. Kara Johnson, a biology student, and Jared Morris, a nursing student, agreed that the green pass does not show up in 15 minutes. “The app hardly works,” Morris said. “If they fixed the problems with the app, it wouldn’t have been a bad thing to use. It does not take 15 minutes to show up, it takes over an hour.” 

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