The Moon Made Me Do It

Morgan Letizia 

WINCHESTER,VA- Humans have been fascinated with the moon for hundreds of years and some could argue that the moon is fascinated with us as well.

   The moon has become the culprit for strange human behavior, especially when it’s full. The word “lunacy” was once used to describe insanity related to the different moon phases. Which formed into the modern day word, “lunatic”. When a full moon rolls around many people begin to act or feel off, whether they realize it or not. People are rumored to have trouble sleeping and some teachers report that their students seem more irritable and distracted. Even here at Shenandoah, the full moon has some students dreading how it makes them feel.

   “Two or three days before the full moon and the day of, I begin to feel more anxious than usual. I feel like I don’t have enough time to get things done and I am way more disorganized than usual,” says  Kaylee Warerenfeltz, a junior here at Shenandoah University. 

  Camryn Roberts, a sophomore at SU, says: “Overworked and undervalued play a role in my anxiety during the full moon. I also have trouble eating, I’m just so anxious it makes me nauseous” 

   The moon affects our planet in several different ways, from lighting up our night sky to the gravitational pull which causes the rise and fall of the tides. Because of this, it’s very possible that the moon also has an effect on us. However, whether or not this can be proved scientifically is another thing that seems to be unexplainable. Just in case, mark the full moon on your calendar and plan accordingly.

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