Are Student-Athletes Returning for Extra Season?

Ross Barker

Last March, the careers of many student-athletes at SU took a turn for the worse, as the world got bombarded with cancellations of many things, including sports seasons. 

In response to this, the NCAA promised student-athletes, with an emphasis on seniors, the opportunity to come back after graduation to use another year of eligibility, since they lost the 2020 season, or had a season cut short. 

While Associate Athletics Director, Scott Musa, says that he does not know exactly how many student-athletes plan to return or not, several student-athletes who have the opportunity said they are planning to come back to finish their athletic eligibility. 

Third-year track/field and cross country runner, Hannah Hale said she hopes to come back. 

“I am already staying for grad school, so if I get the chance to compete (track) and show how hard I’ve been working since last March, I want to,” she said. 

Mason Caldwell, a junior football player/captain, said “Yes, because I love football and I’m willing to do anything to play.” 

Senior Cross Country/Track and Field runner, Reed Davis, also said that he plans to return after his senior year is complete. He will continue to run for the Hornets while studying to earn his MBA.

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