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The Return of In-Person Higher Ground

Ross Barker

Goodson Chapel, picture taken from Shenandoah University Website

Because of the ongoing pandemic, Higher Ground, the Shenandoah student-run chapel service, had to go on Zoom to start the Spring semester. Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s orders made it hard for the group to meet normally every week, in person. In order to keep everyone safe, and to make some more time to come up with a plan for the return of in-person worship, the group decided to play it safe and start the semester on Zoom.

The time and plan have now come, and Higher Ground is back in person! It resumed in-person services last Wednesday. There were some rules in place to keep everyone safe. You must wear a mask at all times, and you have to keep 6 feet distance from others. If you want to sing during worship, you must maintain 10 feet distance from others. Anyone who speaks into the microphone must wipe it down immediately after using it. 

If you would like to attend one of these services, they are every Wednesday night at 9 PM at the Goodson Chapel. You must have your green pass in order to attend. Students who are not feeling well or are in quarantine should attend the online experience on the Shenandoah Spiritual Life Facebook page. The next service is April 7th at 9 PM on Zoom and will resume in-person afterward.

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