Back To The Courts

Eric Armstrong

Despite having an early ending to their season last year, the Shenandoah Hornets Tennis team is back in action. The men’s tennis team is rolling on all cylinders right now with a winning record of 7-4. The women are following behind with a record of 4-7, with the ODAC tournament around the corner. This is head coach Jason Cole’s first full year of coaching. He was hired in the summer of 2019. 

“I feel that the culture with coach Jason has really allowed pride, confidence, success, and fun,” said senior Brent Baugh. 
The men’s team will finish the season at the 7th seed and the women’s team finishes as the 8th seed. Both teams will compete in the ODAC tournament this coming week. 

The Return

“It feels amazing to be back on the courts,” said sophomore Jahveesha Combs. Combs plays the No. 1 position on the women’s team, but she was out with a knee injury for the first few matches. She said she and her team are hoping they make a good run in the  ODAC tournament as they wrap up their season. Their next game is in the afternoon on Wednesday, April 28.
Senior Madison Rogers said as her season is winding down, ”I definitely feel like this year has been a challenge adjusting to different COVID-19 regulations.” She also added how she feels her team made the best of it and it has been fun regardless of the factors. 

As for the men’s team, this is the best record they have recorded in years. SU travels to second-seeded Virginia Wesleyan on Saturday for a quarterfinal round contest.

“I am proud of what we have and are accomplishing,” said Baugh. Baugh added how he felt that the late-season start was worth the wait as they approach the finish line to the end of the season. 

The Rule Changes

Tennis is not a contact sport, so not many rules have changed except that players are not allowed to shake opponents’ hands after matches and they have to put a mask on during changeovers. Other rules are implemented on a school-by-school basis, including visitor policies, the use of Porta Potties, and an inability to touch scorecards.

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