Goodbye Letter from The Editor

Dorie Triplett

Pictured from left to right: Petra Schweitzer, Gina Daddario, Dorie Triplett, Kelley Crowley, Andrea Smith, and Glenn Østen Anderson
Adela Borrallo-Solís and Dorie Triplett

Since coming to Shenandoah University two years ago as a transfer student, I have prospered tremendously and inexplicably as a young adult. It’s always harder to see your own growth because from your perspective, you feel the same- not noticing much of a difference as the years pass. However, I can confidently say that I see a huge difference from when I first sat in Dr. Crowley’s 8:00 am MCOM 101 class in 2019. That Dorie had no idea the friends she would make, the skills she would discover, the aspirations she realized she could actually achieve, and the internal struggles and strengths she would overcome and gain.

For me, finally being able to attend a University was something I truly wasn’t sure I would be able to do. I have, as many people do, battled with negative self talk that tells you you’ll never be good enough to accomplish things that seemingly come so easily to others. Before I graduated high school, I failed many classes, I sat alone during lunch, and considered myself quite the outcast. I remember feeling like I wasn’t going anywhere in life because everyone else had plans to attend college and move away.

After seven years and three community colleges later, the universe brought me here, a beautiful, tiny university filled with wonderful faculty, professors, and students who I could be myself around. Yes, I was broken- been to hell and back, but something brought me to the new friends I would make, the ones who understood where I came from, and I have tried with all of my heart to understand them too. Marie, Kiana, Andy, Katherine, Noah, Angela, Rachel, Bethany, Nick, and Christian (just to name a few) helped me in my ups and downs, always there just a Snapchat away- we have all been there for each other, whether it be help with a Spanish essay, struggling with isolation during Covid, or just spilling the tea for fun.

When it comes to the MCOM (Media & Communication) and Spanish departments, I don’t even know where to begin. Being a 26 year old student, I felt this strange in between of fitting in with my fellow classmates, but also comically fitting in with my professors. Before SU, I was never the type to speak up during lecture. Now, I’m sure every single one of my professors can attest to me never shutting up in class. Although I’ve made it obvious how much I love them, I will never stop giving special thank you’s to Petra, Dr. Daddario, Paul, Doctora Smith, Dr. PG, Adela, Dr. Crowley, and Glenn. They all hold an extremely special place in my heart- not only for being wonderful professors, but for helping me realize my worth, whether they know it or not.

And finally, I want to thank the readers of The Buzz. I hope I was able to serve this community with respect and dignity. I hope everyone has enjoyed reading and interacting with our student multimedia news just as much as I have. When I inherited it from our previous Editor-In-Chief, Annie Hart, I vowed to take good care of it and provide you all with great and trustworthy content. I hope I left a good mark on the Shenandoah University community. I am so excited to see what our new Editors, Corran Hale and Rebecca Sims do with this opportunity. Much love and Goodbye to The Buzz ❤️ It’s a great day to be a Hornet! 🐝

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