Hello from the new editors of the buzz

Rebecca Sims and Corran Hale

Summer marks the end of an academic year and the end of an era for the Buzz. With heavy hearts we are sad to say goodbye to Dorie Triplett, the previous Editor-in-Chief of the Buzz. Dorie started as editor of Shenandoah University’s multimedia news outlet in fall of 2020 and made remarkable strides in furthering the Buzz’s reach across campus and throughout the Winchester community. Dorie’s shining enthusiasm and guidance will be greatly missed.

Moving forward, the Buzz will continue Dorie’s enthusiasm towards creating thoughtful, intriguing, and honest content for the university. This is why starting now, the Buzz will have two Editors for the 2021-2022 school year, Corran Hale and Rebecca Sims. We are excited to further promote the Buzz on campus and in the greater Winchester community as well as expand the content of our outlet for more intriguing and diverse stories. 

Being on a liberal arts campus, Shenandoah provides lots of diverse fields of study and people hailing from all different backgrounds. This year, we hope to put this diversity on full display utilizing the Buzz’s unique multimedia platform. Attempting to breathe new life into a centuries old profession by bringing students from varied backgrounds together to celebrate their differences through journalistic mediums. 

Corran Hale is an upcoming junior studying Media and Communications with minors in Political Science and Professional Writing and Rebecca Sims is an upcoming senior double majoring in Political Science and Media and Communications. They are excited to grow their writing, and communications skills along with the program itself.  Creating an educational, accepting, and hands-on environment for all those who interact with the Buzz.

No matter who you are, the Buzz wants your voice to be heard! We are excited to share your stories, adventures, and passions with the SU community. Our (metaphorical) door is always open. Please feel free to reach out and contact us at any time. We look forward to the community growing and flourishing with your contributions.  

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