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Bringing Books Outside of the Library

By Ali Gue

On Oct. 6, Handley Regional Library staff brought books and library cards to Shenandoah University students in the Brandt Student Center through an initiative to get college students interested in their local library. From 12 p.m. to 4 p.m., students were given the opportunity to sign up for a library card that provides access to ebooks, videogames, movies, and much more.

Handley Regional Library and Shenandoah University have been collaborating for years, and they have always been focused on bringing young adults back into the library scene. The library staff were on Shenandoah’s campus earlier this year on Sep. 29 in an effort to hand out library cards, and 25 students participated in the event. On Oct. 6, the library’s table was once again surrounded by students of all ages during their visit.

“The college-age, to be honest, is kind of lost in the library,” said Cheryl Nakagawa, the manager of public relations and community outreach for Handley Regional Library. “Usually, kids go [to the public library] with their parents and their families until they graduate high school.” 

Nakagawa said that people normally start to come back to public libraries after having children of their own. The Adulting-101 workshop at Handley Regional Library is just one of many examples of how the library is trying to engage with young adults and local college students. Handley Regional Library even offers special resources such as a free state park pass for three weeks or free studying tips. 

Simone Meadows, a sophomore at Shenandoah University, said that unlimited access to books was a “good deal” all its own.

“I thought it was interesting that they offered ebooks,” said Meadows. “It seems like a fun thing to have and listen to, especially over summer break.”

If you’re interested in signing up for a library card at Handley Regional Library, visit its website at You can also view videos made by the library and 2019 Shenandoah University students on the YouTube page titled “Handley Regional Library System.”

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