Smoking and Lung Cancer: A Deadly Duo

by Caleb Fargo

When I was younger my grandma was diagnosed with lung cancer. My family was very
worried and distraught over the sudden news that we had received. It was like the cancer had just
popped up out of nowhere and spread throughout her body at an alarming rate. They attributed
the cancer to her smoking cigarettes when she was younger. My grandma had quit smoking a
long time ago but she was still getting caught with the effects of smoking. My grandma ended up
losing her life to a short battle with cancer, and that has forever changed my family. Lung cancer
today is still very strongly related to the smoking of cigarettes. Studies have shown that 9 out of 10
lung cancer cases have been caused by the smoking of cigarettes (1). Cancer is when the cells in
the body become abnormal, and they divide at an alarming rate (1). This causes major problems
in the body because these cells can spread to the bloodstream and the lymphatic system, which is
what fights the diseases and toxins in your body (1). Smoking can cause this because the
chemicals and poisons in a cigarette change the cells in your lung’s DNA (1). When the DNA is
damaged it will cause the cells to uncontrollably divide, which causes a cancer tumor (2).
Cigarettes contain over 7,000 toxic chemicals inside them, so when you smoke you are really
putting yourself at risk. Even if you do not smoke you are not always safe from the effects of
cigarette smoke (2). Secondhand smoke has been estimated to kill 7,300 people a year from lung
cancer (2). Secondhand smoke is caused by breathing in the smoke that someone has just blown
out (2). If you live with someone who smokes they are not only putting themselves at risk but
also you (2). The number of smokers in the United States has gone down a lot in recent years,
but I feel that we need to stop smoking in the US altogether. Smoking has been attributed to
many different types of cancer, and all of them can be deadly. We can all help to stop smoking by
informing people about the dangers that it causes. If you live with someone who smokes, you
may want to talk to them about this because they are putting themselves and you at risk of cancer
from secondhand smoke. There have been many efforts in recent years through TV commercials,
billboards, radio ads, and ads on our phones to warn people of the dangers of smoking. This may
have something to do with why the number of smokers has started to become less and less in the
past few years. If you used to smoke and you have quit, you have already started to decrease the
risk of getting cancer, but you should also tell anyone you know the dangers of smoking and that
they need to stop because it could end up costing them their life. We have been doing great at
informing people of these dangers, but there is still more that we can do by telling anyone who is
willing to listen to the dangers of smoking in order to spread more awareness of the problem.
There are many organizations across the globe that are trying to make smoking disappear forever.
One of these organizations is called Altria. Their mission is to move into a “smokeless future”
(3). They have made lots of efforts and are very active in communities to try and help people and
get people to stop smoking for good. If you would like more information on this company please
Another company that is working very hard to phase out smoking is QuitAssist. They give you
helpful online information on how to quit smoking and how you should prepare to quit smoking.
This website can also be very helpful to people who are currently vaping and wish to quit. They
provide helpful and easy-to-follow information that can be accessed easily online. If you would
like to know more about this information please go to

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