Vision Board Fun!

By Ali Gue

The Campus Activities Network (CAN) of Shenandoah University held a vision board event at the Brandt Student Center on Feb. 24 to give students the opportunity to express their life goals. Vision boards are made by cutting pictures and words out of magazines and other materials and gluing them to poster boards to showcase a personal message. The event was from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., and there were supplies to cater to 30 participants, but only a handful of students participated.

“It’s the first time that Campus Activities Network is hosting a Make-Your-Own Vision Board event, so I’m hoping that there’s a good outcome,” said Rachel Apostolico, a member of CAN and a junior at Shenandoah University, before the event. “People really like Bingo, and they don’t like to branch out that much.”

Bingo is held multiple times per semester at Shenandoah University, and it is the most popular CAN event according to Apostolico. The Bingo events often have an attendance of over 30 students. The vision board activity is an example of how CAN hopes to expand its ideas and create more types of events for students.

“I listen to one podcast that’s about looking into the future and visualizing or journaling, so I thought it might be a fun idea to hold an event doing those things,” said Apostolico. “I am hoping that people will find inspiration in the magazines and cut out things that mean something to them.”

With scissors and paper in hand, Allison Harvey, a freshman at Shenandoah University, said that she took the vision board event as an opportunity to help refocus her mind and calm herself from stressful school work.

“I needed quotes to help me focus and not give up…” said Harvey. “This reminded me of my goals, and then I added pictures of things that make me happy.”

Harvey’s vision board had quotes that she said inspired her to not give up on hard school work and strive for success. One quote on the board by Thomas Edison said, “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”

The Campus Activities Network’s events are created by student employees who come up with new ideas each month. To find out more information about CAN, visit the Shenandoah University website, and keep up to date with events through the Shenandoah University Student Life Facebook and Instagram.

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